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St. Timothy Lutheran Church, Charleston, WV

places its complete confidence in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Therefore, its primary concern is to proclaim through word and deed

the Love of God as it is given freely to all people.


The Christian Life begins when a person is born again into the body of Christ

through baptism and a personally committed faith in Jesus Christ.


It can be lived successfully only through a complete dependence

upon the indwelling Spirit of God. 



We Invite You...

To worship with us. We worship, serve, and sing the praises of our Lord

and Savior Jesus Christ, and hear the preaching of His inerrant Word.


We Invite You...

To grow with us. We grow in faith and service through Word and Sacraments,

both individually and together as we carry out the work of serving others

through the work of Christ's redeeming love.


We Invite You... 

To share with us. We invite you to share your life, your gifts, your abilities, 

and your love with us in mutual support as we reach out to others.


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